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The innovative solution to working safely at your desktop

If you spend much of your working day sitting at a desktop, you could be at risk of serious long term health problems.

Staying healthy at work is easier than you might think, because what you do today affects your tomorrow.


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As an organisation, we are passionate about the Keybreak system. We are not alone in believing that poor desktop practice is a hidden public health time bomb; but we are alone in providing a cost effective, practical and workable solution.

Analyses your computer usage

Keybreak operates in the background, monitoring the level of computer use against time. By assessing the number of keyboard and mouse clicks, together with the degree of mouse movement, Keybreak can determine when a break is preferable.

Reminds you to take breaks

Keybreak will notify you when it is advisable to take a break. You can agree, postpone or skip to suit your particular work commitment.

The Keybreak dashboard allows you to configure and change the frequency of breaks.

Stretch routines tailored for you

Stretches are carefully designed to re set your body, eyes and mind, so that you return to work feeling fresh, clear headed and focused.

Keybreak can tailor stretches for individuals who have pre-existing minor conditions such as lower back, neck or repetitive strain problems.

Industry leading software

Keybreak is built upon the latest industry leading technologies to deliver a seamless cross platform experience.

We have made it our priority to ensure that Keybreak is as easy as possible to install, update and configure.

Windows 7 and above

Available from the Microsoft Store.

macOS 10.14 and above

Available from the Apple Mac Store.